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The Street Photographer Who Is Documenting The Rapid Change In Shenzhen – Mike Jordan

Mike Jordan has been fascinated by the world around him ever since he was very young. Coupled with a natural affinity for the sciences; he was naturally drawn to photography as a creative outlet where science and art coalesce. For his latest project he has documented the rapid urban development of Shenzhen and the affect it is having on the people living there.

CNCREATE  caught up with Mike and asked more about his latest project and what the narrative was behind this latest series of photos.

“Shenzhen is set in an ever-changing state of upheaval and growth. One day to the next, you are never quite sure where you will be. Traditional ways of life collide with the freight train of progress known as the city. In China, Shenzhen especially, is a molten crucible for all of these things.”

“Nowhere is this more apparent than in the last few remaining urban villages. Places like Baishizhou, Hubei, Shangsha and Xiasha are soon to be devoured by the very development they helped accelerate. Their inhabitants struggle with their impending fate every day. Hubei village is currently being turned into a mall and Baishizhou is awaiting imminent demolition.”

“With all of this going on, and yet, I am an outsider, a foreigner in this land. From an outsider’s perspective looking in, I am an urban explorer of the city villages of Shenzhen. I portray street scenes and characters in their fabricated yet seemingly organic environments and the oxymoron that they create. Scenes that seem to be an everyday occurrence to many are given fresh new life from an outsider’s perspective. Even the mundane becomes a fascinating splendor of shape and movement.”

“Focusing on candid portraits of people and the effervescent life present in urban villages, I show my perspective on the unique juxtapositions found in Shenzhen’s inner city villages and urban villagers”. Mike’s imagery truly documents the rapid change of Shenzhen, and of a time that could be easily forgotten in a few years, if it is not documented or recorded.”

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