They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There

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Meet The Chinese Artist Who Blends Into His Surroundings – Liu Bolin

Beijing-based artist Liu Bolin’s work explores the relationship between the grand scale of cultural development and the place of a single individual within it. Best known for his Hiding in the City series, he has been named the “Invisible Artist” after creating a project where he has disappeared into over 100 locations in New York, California, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and Russia.

liu-bolin-1 liu-bolin-2 liu-bolin-3 liu-bolin-4

Hiding in the City, in addition to his work in other mediums, comments on human beings’ relationship to their environments, socially, culturally, ecologically, and politically. His works show how broader cultural development has been redefining the role of individuals in ways we need to examine and change before it gets too late.

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