Meet the photographer based in Shanghai who is scaling the dizzy heights of Shanghai’s architecture – Alex Kaunas

Alex is a photographer who chooses to scale the tall heights of Shanghai’s architecture to take the perfect picture. When CNCREATE asked about his work he explained:

“Hello, my name is Alex, and I’m a roofoholic. When people know about my passion, they usually ask me two questions: ‘How did you get up there?’ and ‘why do you do this?’. On the first one I’m answering – ‘using jetpack’. Second one I leave without answer, probably, because I’m not sure why.

“I started to climb to the rooftops, because I wanted overcome my fear of heights, wanted to prove that fear is irrational. Step by step, I learned to control my mind and my body in any extreme situation. Afterwards it’s became interesting to find tallest places to climb up. You can feel so unique, understanding that most of the people won’t be able to be there, because this is illegal and dangerous.

“I use my camera to capture this moment. Someone may say, that I’m showing off, someone may find art in these pictures. I think both are right. So now I was on top almost of all of Shanghai’s tallest buildings and I want to go on because it bring me a flurry of emotions, adrenaline, and I just love to do this, that’s why I do.”

Alex’s video ShangHIGH was chosen for screening in the final of global contest Megacities Shortdoc in Paris last year.

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