Psychedelic Floating Jellyfish

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Welcome To Zhou Fan’s Chaotic, Multicolored World Of Jellyfish, Mushrooms & More

Zhou Fan is a rising star in the Chinese art scene – he is young, yet he is an extremely creative, Chinese contemporary artist. His paintings have attracted attention at exhibitions in New York, Germany and Shanghai. The first thing that strikes people when they view Zhou Fan‘s work is how his paintings are so colourful and detailed.

Zhou Fan spends many hours carefully painting the details and tiny lines which compose his subjects. He has been inspired by his childhood. While the artist has always had a strong fascination for jellyfish, Zhou’s love of jellyfish came from dreams that he had as a young boy of many jellyfish floating in the sky, some of which fell to the ground on parachutes and became mushrooms. These dreams had a strong impact on the artist, and his approach to his artwork and ideas.

While Zhou Fan’s paintings may at first look happy and cheerful because they are colourful, many of the artist’s works have a sad undertone to them. Zhou seems to be quite sensitive to the fact that people can be cruel and destructive, and he can see the effect China’s societal changes are having on individuals and the society as a whole.

Zhou Fan likes to combine the impossible, and while it looks beautiful within the paintings, the results can be confusing and seemingly chaotic.

zhou-fan-5 zhou-fan-3

zhou-fan-1 zhou-fan-4


zhou-fan-2 zhou-fan-6 zhou-fan-7

zhou-fan-9 zhou-fan-10 zhou-fan-11 zhou-fan-12 zhou-fan-13 zhou-fan-14 zhou-fan-15 zhou-fan-16 zhou-fan-17 zhou-fan-18 zhou-fan-19 zhou-fan-20

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