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Thierry Bornier

The Photographer Who Has Captured The Most Breathtaking Regions of China - Thierry Bornier

The World of Wang Dong

The Infamous Chinese Photographer Who Uses The Female Form As His Main Subject - Wang Dong

City of Dust – MATE

The Chinese Photographer's New Book About A Post-Apocalyptic World Existing Within Beijing - MATE

China Girl Project

The Shanghai-Based Photographer Who Is Aiming To Raise Funds For a Good Cause - Thierry Coulon

Shanghai Story

The Photographer Who Is Doing a Daily Project Capturing Shanghai - Thierry Coulon

One Doll Policy

The Chinese Artist Who Is Bringing a Fresh Perspective To Population Control - MATE

Beauty In The Eye of The Lens

The Photographer Who Captures The Nature of Women - Adam J Schokora

Wuthering Heights – Nicky Almasy

The Photographer Who Had Unique Access To The Construction of The Shanghai Tower - Nicky Almasy

The Lazaro Project

The Photographer Who Is Pushing Boundaries In The Realm of Photography - Alfonso De Castro


The Shanghai-Based Photographer Who is Highlighting Shanghai’s Awesome Architecture - Alex Kaunas

Seductive Posing

The Chinese Photographer Who Is Bringing a New Edge to Female Portraiture - Sesa Wu

Poetic Art

The Chinese Artist Who Is Conceptually Blending Poetry and Photography - Yimei Wang

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