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The Project From Two Photographers Who Capture Shanghai Night Life – Nocturnal Shanghai

Mario Machado & Matteo Orlandi are based in Shanghai, and are both photographers covering different fields. Mario is a portrait photographer and Matteo shoots products, food and beverage, but they both share a passion for street photography. So they decided to create a scooter ride series after midnight called, “Nocturnal Shanghai”.


Being part of a fast growing city like Shanghai, there is no better way to express what’s left through the medium of photography. They escaped the modern era to go and capture traditions within the little amount that’s left from what we call Shanghai’s history by going through the beauty of the back streets, lane houses and the places you can’t even imagine still existed.


From their street photography experience, a preferred time to do street photography to capture the best moments from the city’s ‘old’ lifestyles is to start around 10pm and finish at around 2am. Routes changed every time to document the overall feel of Shanghai at night. They rode to specific areas, when they saw something they stopped, explored, shot and rode again through the deep dark streets of Shanghai.


They both had the same lens, the Canon 85mm f1.2 set at 1.2 at all times, which gave them great bokeh and amazing shots for low light situations. Nocturnal Shanghai is an on going project and the series will be back soon.


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