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Meet The Shanghai-based Dutch Photographer And Filmmaker – Marc Ressang

Marc Ressang’s work has taken him into arcane and uncharted corners of Asia as he documents his findings on cross cultures, ancient traditions, and human behavior spanning from the far ends of the Himalayas to the deepest jungles of Papua.

His latest photography series titled Where Time Stands Still, shot across central and southeast Asia, is inspired by moments of perfect stillness. The composition of his work capture static moments in time that are seamlessly motionless in their space. The shots, rendered in film and digital mediums, explore the normalcy of the environments he passes through.

“Here, life is in infinite balance with the elemental world, and potential energy always remains potential — moments where time perpetually stands still.”

Taken in Indonesia in an Islamic commune living on the outskirts of the city. The photograph was taken at the end of Ramadan before the celebration. It was a passing moment, right after sunrise, before all the people in the commune went out for a large group prayer.

Taken in Tajikistan during the filming of a documentary he worked on Buzkashi, a Central Asian sport that aims to place the carcass of a goat into a goalpost by the either of the horse-mounted teams.

Buzkashi (2017)

Taken in the commute between two big cities in Uzbekistan. A juxtaposed moment of serenity between the calm of the sunset and the Post-Soviet air laden in the landscape.

Ressang has also done documentary work around Central Asia, notably, Too High To Fall. This film was originally purposed to demonstrate an all-female, all-Chinese climbing team summiting Mount Everest. However, in the middle of production, the Gorkha earthquake struck abruptly and unexpectedly.

Among the thousands lost, the quake sadly claimed the lives of some of the climbers and production team. The film was subsequently redirected and purposed to show the chaos of the journey. Amidst the chaos, the documentary beautifully depicts the heart of humankind in the face of natural disaster.

Too High To Fall (2015)

“They aimed to write their names in history but fate rewrote their destiny.”

Ressang took part in the production of The Afghan Bruce Lee. The documentary follows Abbas Alizada from Kabul, a martial artist who gained Internet fame for his uncanny resemblance to Bruce Lee. Alizada, who is from the persecuted Hazara minority, aims to depict his home country in a different light.

“One day, Afghanistan’s global image will change. People will no longer immediately think of terrorism, narcotics, or war-torn strife. It’s my wish that the world can see what we really are: zealous, honorable, hard-working cultured people. I want to share these good characteristics of the Afghan people with the whole world.”

The Afghan Bruce Lee (2017)

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