Monday, 1 March 2021


Seductive Posing

The Chinese Photographer Who Is Bringing a New Edge to Female Portraiture - Sesa Wu

Poetic Art

The Chinese Artist Who Is Conceptually Blending Poetry and Photography - Yimei Wang

Naked Lunch

The Chinese Photographer Who Captures The Essence of The Female Form - Wanimal

Shanghai Life – Nicky Almasy

The Photographer Who Has Documented The Rise of Twenty-first Shanghai - Nicky Almasy

Psychedelic Lucid Dreaming

The Chinese Artist Using Psychedelia to Illuminate Dreams - Zhou Fan

Full Metal Art

The Chinese Sculptor Who Uses Metal To Make Pop Art Sculptures - Liao Yibai

Naked Ambition – Ren Hang

The Chinese Artist Who Uses The Naked Body as a Reflection of His Generation - Ren Hang


Art of Performance

China Girl Project

City of Dust – MATE

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