Monday, 1 March 2021


Mysterious Wonder

The Chinese Painter Whose Painful Personal Experiences Are Apparent In His Artworks - Zheng Zhiming

An Imaginary Enemy

The Chinese Artist Whose Imaginative Sculptures Depict The Complex Relationship Between China and The US - Yibai Liao

Art of Performance

The Chinese Artist Whose Self-Photography Series Brings New Meaning To Performance Art - Yimei Wang

Houtouwan Dream

The Hauntingly Beautiful Photography Series That Captures The Spirit of Another Age - Dave Tacon and Annie Atienza

Guys and Dolls

The Versatile Chinese Artist Who Combines Western Oil Painting with Chinese Gongbi - Wang Xuejun

The Extraordinary Machine

The Artist Whose Seductively Grotesque Imagery Draws Us Into Her Extraordinary Universe - Karin Janssen

Hidden Meanings – Zhao Na

The Chinese Artist Whose Intriguing Paintings Contain Many Hidden Meanings - Zhao Na

Urban Fabric

The Design Company That Uses Urban Aerial Shots To Create Distinct Products - Urban Fabric

Oriental Impressionism – Qiu Shengxian

The Chinese Artist Who Captures The Exquisite and Subtle Emotions of Oriental Beauty - Qiu Shengxian

Thierry Bornier

The Photographer Who Has Captured The Most Breathtaking Regions of China - Thierry Bornier


Art of Performance

China Girl Project

City of Dust – MATE

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