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The Chinese Photographer Who Is Grabbing The World’s Attention With Her Remarkable Photos – Li Guanqun

Li Guanqun has made a huge impact on the photography world with her amazing snapshots and fantastic usage of flash and lighting. She not only captures the subject well but the environment of which the subject is in. Her usage of bright colors and positioning of where the subjects stand or sit is not only original but also very groundbreaking.

Her inspiration comes from the bright colors she sees every day, as her vision and sight are not very good because she suffers from a rare condition that affects her short and long-term vision. Li sees the world in a very different and unfocused light, which makes her see images and people in a completely different way than how we see them.

Although her eyesight has been a curse on her from a young age, it no doubt has made her an outstanding photographer who has made remarkable photos and images. It’s not hard to predict that big things are on the horizon for Li with her original and groundbreaking methods.

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