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An Imaginary Enemy

The Chinese Artist Whose Imaginative Sculptures Depict The Complex Relationship Between China and The US - Yibai Liao

Guys and Dolls

The Versatile Chinese Artist Who Combines Western Oil Painting with Chinese Gongbi - Wang Xuejun

Hidden Meanings – Zhao Na

The Chinese Artist Whose Intriguing Paintings Contain Many Hidden Meanings - Zhao Na

Oriental Impressionism – Qiu Shengxian

The Chinese Artist Who Captures The Exquisite and Subtle Emotions of Oriental Beauty - Qiu Shengxian

Four Seasons – Qu Fengguo

The Chinese Artist Whose Abstract Paintings Depict The Emotions Of The Four Seasons - Qu Fengguo

Unbounded Redux – You Si

The Chinese Contemporary Artist Who Explores The Ambiguous, Elusive and Uncertain In This World - You Si

Shang Chengxiang – 商成祥

The Chinese Artist Whose Dreamlike Surreal Paintings Explore The Boundaries Between Reality and Fantasy – Shang Chengxiang

Lu Yang – 陆扬

The Young New Media Artist Who Is Pushing The Boundaries of Contemporary Art In China - Lu Yang

Zhou Jinhua – 周金华

The Chinese Artist Whose Surreal Worlds Fuse Aerial Photography and Traditional Chinese Painting - Zhou Jinhua

Zhou Fan – 周范

The Chinese Contemporary Artist Whose Colourful, Hypnotic Realms Have Captured The Minds of Art Lovers - Zhou Fan

Howie Tsui

The Artist Who Creates Counter-Narratives That Fuse East Asian Traditions With Western Underground Culture - Howie Tsui

Lu Xinjian – 陆新建

The Chinese Contemporary Artist Who Maps The Abstract World We Live In - Lu Xinjian

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