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The Photographer Who Is Seeing The Effect of Modernization On People – Anthony Reed

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” – Carl Jung

In his photographic series, ‘Shanghai’ Anthony Reed has been exploring locations around the city center of Shanghai. The photographs offer a subjective interpretation of the city. The psychologist Carl Jung was an influence, particularly his writings on the collective unconscious.

This project adds to a growing body of work produced in China by Anthony Reed and his twin brother Phillip Reed; ‘不破不立’, ‘A Happy Arrangement’ and ‘Signs of Life’, are three projects the brothers produced since 2008 representing alternative approaches to the contemporary urban condition.

“In the image making process, I deliberately sought out areas of the city that embodied a sense of change and tension. It’s my attempt to understand how intimately connected all things are in contrast to how atomised and isolated life in large urban centres can often feel,” said Anthony.

You can learn more about Anthony and Phillip’s photographic agency Reed Photographic on their website.

anthony-reed-2 anthony-reed-3 anthony-reed-4

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