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The Photographer Whose Strong Talent Crosses Over The Many Dimensions of Photography – Amanda Yang

Amanda Yang is a superbly talented photographer from Shanghai. Here she tells us her methods, practices and ideas about her works and her life.

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“I was born in Shanghai, 1997. For most kids in my country, we don’t really have much leisure time to do what we want but we gotta deal with tons of school work and tests. So before graduating from high school, I always tried to make time for my own stuff.

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“I started to take up photography in high school. My dad always says that a good photographer will never be limited by the equipment. I bear that in mind and I’m also doing analog photos and phoneography.

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“At first, I did more so landscape and minimal shootings, and I tried to combine my photography with graphic elements. After eight months, in my second year of high school, all of these brought me to Instagram’s suggested user list. I should thank the Instagram community because they’ve brought me so many like-minded friends and progress.

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“And I realized that maybe I can go further and more professional. Therefore, I started a small studio called SwimmingPool. I gather models, stylists, MUAs and hairstylists together to work out all kinds of cool stuff. I hope we can get rid of the stereotypes and never be cheesy.



“There are too many talented and hard-working people on this planet and they’re greater than me. I browse through Instagram and magazines everyday to learn something new and get inspired. I restrain myself not to procrastinate and I know that won’t be easy. As a freshman in university, I’m currently studying fashion design. I like fashion a lot and I’m never gonna dump my photography.

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“I don’t think it’s a totally different field because I’ve been working with designers and stylists during the process of my photography. So it won’t be a problem for me. For what I exactly wanna do in the future, I’m still figuring that out… Nowadays I do more and more fashion photography, which is awesome for both what I’ve been up to.

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“Photography is definitely my favorite. I’m happy that I’ve met a lot of cool people on my path and I don’t know how to express my gratefulness to my supportive family, everyone who appreciates my work and offer me with opportunities”.

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