Chinese contemporary art has experienced an exciting time of growth over the past decade. The Chinese art market has progressed to become the world’s largest with $4.8 billion in sales in 2016. Today it holds 38% of the global share of the art market. CNCREATE was developed as a result of this impressive growth.

Started as an art blog in July 2015, CNCREATE was established as an art advisory by Misha Maruma. Having built solid connections in the Chinese art world since 2015, CNCREATE maintains global relationships with the highest calibre of artists, collectors, galleries and art dealers.

Today, CNCREATE aims to fulfil two roles:

  • We aim to support and nurture the work of emerging Chinese contemporary artists who are not as yet discovered internationally.
  • We want to help collectors discover and explore the growing world of Contemporary Chinese Art.

CNCREATE is based in London and Shanghai. Whether you are an artist, gallery or collector, we are your guide to the Chinese art market.

Lu Xinjian - Reflections, Sydney Opera House (2016)
Lu Xinjian, Reflections, Sydney Opera House (2016) acrylic on canvas 200x200cm